First appointment (kynamende, uryn kelu, or kyz kashar)

First appointment (kynamende, uryn kelu, or kyz kashar)

Relationships way of life within the Kazakhstan feature an intensive series of traditions – starting with relationship and continuing also at night wedding evening – and several customs and unwritten laws and regulations. Their otherwise wedding was, obviously, one of the most essential incidents from the life of one Kazakh people.

In past times, early marriage ceremonies usually took place in the event that lady try 13 otherwise fourteen yrs . old in addition to man was fourteen otherwise 15. There have been also unions concluded ranging from families through to the delivery out of the future partners. Sometimes, when the an effective girl’s parents have been against good ily abducted the girl.

Certain relationships life style are extremely smaller very important (much less generally practiced) over the years on account of alterations in people and you will moral conditions, as well as the visibility regarding violent charges (instance to own abducting a bride-to-be). At the same time, almost every other customs had been renewed. New Kazakh standard legislation (Adat) prohibits elizabeth clan, to the brand new 7th age group. It customs has long been present in Kazakhstan and, as a result, many Kazakhs understand the ancestry towards seventh generation. Adat in addition to prohibits marriages when the bride is more than 8 many years more than the fresh new groom and/or bridegroom is more than twenty five years avove the age of the newest bride.

Collusion (kyz aittyru)

Into the dated times (and also today in some communities), moms and dads started seeking a bride for their man well before the guy achieved marriageable years. They flew from the villages, fulfilled acknowledged family, and you can found out about potential brides’ origins and you will records. Once they located the ideal lady, it indicated so you can her moms and dads the desire to fit-build. Sometimes, ranging from close friends, there’s a contract so you’re able to marry for each and every other’s coming people (bel kuda). There had been and other kinds of collusion in regards to the future relationship. An alternative, named “kyz koru”, and that acceptance the students boy to decide his coming spouse, was only permitted getting heroes or even the sons out of really commendable families.

Matchmaking (kuda tusu)

The matchmaking processes is actually challenging and you can on it numerous stages. The original matchmaker, titled “zhaushy”, reached the brand new women’s dad and open to support a commitment. In case the dad provided his consent, the new matchmaker gave him a horse. In exchange, this new women’s father offered a unique gown (shapan) towards the matchmaker. Then, the main dating taken place (kuda tusu). So it with it both dads and you will family coming along with her and receiving acquainted with for each and every-almost every other, including dining together in the same pan and you may buying and selling gift suggestions. Meanwhile, a variety of wedding package is finished. If one of your own activities after reneged about bargain, he previously to invest an excellent. Finally, matchmakers went along to for a 3rd day (bata ayak) to go over the information into the future matrimony, including the date, expenditures, and dowry. After the latest relationships techniques, the newest groom’s front sent kalyn mal, something special in the form of cows or horses. Having terrible group, typical are four otherwise half dozen cows, whenever you are rich family members have delivered an excellent herd of just one,100000 horses.

Pursuing the dating techniques, the near future groom you’ll visit the upcoming bride to be on very first day. He earliest had to posting a present (oli tiri) showing admiration to the bride’s friends, and then he might go to the town where in actuality the bride-to-be existed. Centered on individualized, new groom ran later in the day whether it is ebony, purportedly from inside the secret. 24 hours later there can be a broad celebration with dances and you can sounds, the young few must know for every-almost every other, therefore the girl offered the long term bridegroom a good handkerchief just like the a great manifestation of the lady purity. When the, after this fulfilling, possibly the fresh new boy or girl would not go-ahead to the relationships, along side it you to definitely refuted needed to go back every presents and you will shell out a superb.